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Are you interested in opening a restaurant or seafood market? Or perhaps looking for a new seafood supplier? We hope to send you on the right track. Below is some information on some of the most popular seafood which is provided wholesale to restaurants and businesses around to country. And if you are an individual looking for a good deal (hosting a large party?), some of the wholesalers will work with you too!

Wholesale Lobster:

When people think of lobster they think of Maine Lobster, lobster rolls, clambakes, and special occasions. Millions of pounds of live lobsters are caught and shipped to individuals, seafood markets, and restaurants every year. Most of the lobster comes from Maine, but Massachusetts and Rhode Island also catch a substantial number. Boat prices for lobster can change dramatically, but in the last few years restaurants have been able to buy “quarters” (1 ¼ pounds) for $5 - $7 per pound. Buy enough, and maybe you can strike a better deal. Tip: Lobster can be frozen (after it is cooked) and then served to make lobster rolls, lobster bisque, etc. To get an idea of current wholesale lobster boat prices, try contacting one of the wholesalers below:

Wholesale Crab:

Fresh crabmeat is served at some of the best restaurants in the country. From lump crab cocktails, to cracked claws, to crabcakes and steak oscar, you should consider offering at least one or two crab products to your customers. Fresh dungeness crab and Alaskan king crab is offered by fisherman and seafood markets in the northwest. In Florida, stone crab claws are a delicacy. Along the Atlantic coast, blue crabs (softshell crab) is a favorite. In Maine, Jonah crab is regularly caught. To search for wholesale suppliers of crab and crab products, and for current prices, try one of the seafood companies below:

Wholesale Fish:

Suppliers of wholesale fish provide millions of pounds of over 100 species of fish to restaurants annually. Fish range in shapes and sized. Some are caught with nets, others are line caught. More and more fisheries are created to farm raise fish. Fish markets may sell fish whole, fish filets, or steaks. Each area of the country specializes in fresh fish. In the northwest, specifically Washington state, several species of fresh salmon are found. Wild Alaskan and Sockeye Salmon are two popular types sold to restaurants and shipped worldwide. Pollock is another fish often sold to make fish cakes or fish filet sandwiches. On the east coast, many restaurants buy sea bass, striped bass, tuna, and swordfish. In Florida and areas around the Gulf of Mexico, Mahi-Mahi and Grouper are frequently served. The below resources may be helpful in finding the right seafood wholesaler to supply your restaurant or fish market:

Wholesale Oysters:

Over the past several years, oysters have boomed in popularity. Oyster bars have sprouted up in larger cities like Boston, who tend to serve the Duxbury Bay and Canadian varieties. On the west coast, Washington state is in the lead. Many people rank Rhode Island and Chesapeake Bay oysters in their top 5 also. When searching for a wholesale oyster provider, make sure their oysters are harvested as recent as possible and shipped with plenty of dry ice or gel packs. Tip: One popular restaurant in Boston offers $1 oysters for happy hour which leads to a great dinner business. For current prices try contacting one of the below oyster wholesalers: